Understanding the Science Behind EMSCULPT NEO® Technology

At Advanced Beauty & Wellness in Glendale, we pride ourselves on offering revolutionary treatments like EMSCULPT NEO®. This technology is a game-changer in the realm of body contouring, utilizing patented HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) and radio frequency (RF) technology to simultaneously deliver muscle gain and fat loss. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary treatment and contact our team today to get started!

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The Science of EMSCULPT NEO®

To understand how EMSCULPT NEO® works, it's important to first understand the science behind it. The treatment utilizes the power of electromagnetic energy to induce supramaximal muscle contractions, which are muscle contractions that are stronger and more intense than what can be achieved through voluntary muscle contractions (such as exercise).

The HIFEM® technology used in EMSCULPT NEO® generates a magnetic field that penetrates through the skin and fat, targeting the underlying muscles. This causes the muscles to contract rapidly, resulting in increased muscle strength and mass. As the muscles are forced to adapt to the intense contractions, they undergo remodeling and growth, ultimately leading to a more toned and sculpted appearance. This heating disrupts the fat cells, causing them to release their contents and eventually be eliminated from the body through natural processes. The combination of these two technologies in one treatment allows for both muscle building and fat reduction to occur simultaneously, resulting in a more efficient and effective body contouring treatment.

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What Can You Expect from an EMSCULPT NEO® Treatment?

Expectations from EMSCULPT NEO® are impressive. Our clients have achieved up to a 30% reduction in fat and an increase of up to 25% in muscle mass in the treated area. This dual-action treatment promotes a more defined and toned physique.

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Who Is an Ideal Candidate for EMSCULPT NEO®?

Whether you're a senior struggling with muscle and bone density loss, an athlete looking to boost your training regimen, a woman desiring a toned look, or a man wanting to shed the 'dad bod', EMSCULPT NEO® could be an ideal solution tailored to your needs.

Witness the EMSCULPT NEO® Difference

EMSCULPT NEO® treatments can completely transform body contouring experiences. Adding this treatment to your health and wellness routine can provide you with satisfying results. Ready to experience the science-backed power of EMSCULPT NEO®? Contact us at Advanced Beauty & Wellness in Glendale to get started.

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