How EMSELLA® Helps Improve Pelvic Floor Strength

At Advanced Beauty & Wellness in Glendale, we take pride in offering state-of-the-art treatments like EMSELLA® to our patients. The EMSELLA® chair is a game-changer, FDA-approved to specifically target and strengthen the pelvic floor using high-intensity electromagnetic resonance (HIFEM+). This unique pelvic floor treatment aids in combating incontinence, offering a simple and quick solution that fits seamlessly into your daily routine with each treatment completed in under 30 minutes. Keep reading to learn more!

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Understanding the EMSELLA® Treatment

Unlike traditional pelvic floor exercises such as Kegels, which can be difficult to perform correctly, the EMSELLA® chair does the heavy lifting. It utilizes HIFEM+ to induce muscle contractions, representing tens of thousands of perfect Kegel exercises, all without disruptive downtime or discomfort helping to support and improve the pelvic floor in the following ways:

  • Builds muscle tissue by stimulating supramaximal muscle contractions

  • Fosters muscle growth and repair

  • Boost blood flow in the targeted area

  • Increase the strength and stability of the pelvic floor

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Who Benefits from EMSELLA® Pelvic Floor Treatment?

EMSELLA® is an inclusive treatment designed to fit a variety of needs. Seniors and athletes can benefit immensely from strengthened pelvic floor muscles, contributing to reduced restroom trips and enhanced core strength respectively. Women, particularly those experiencing incontinence or having undergone pregnancy or specific surgeries, can find relief and regain control. Even men, who often struggle with consistent and correct Kegels, can benefit from the targeted contractions and improved blood flow EMSELLA® offers.

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Reclaim Your Confidence with Enhanced Pelvic Floor Strength

The power of the EMSELLA® chair lies in its effortless and efficient strengthening of the pelvic floor. Each treatment offers potential restoration of balance and self-assurance, contributing to an improved overall quality of life.

If you're ready to experience the revolutionary effects of the EMSELLA® chair, contact us today at Advanced Beauty & Wellness in Glendale. Let us help you on your journey towards enhanced pelvic floor strength and vitality.

Improve Your Pelvic Floor Strength With EMSELLA®